If You’re Challenged With

Grading Inconsistencies | Online Price Comparisons
Shrinking Margins 
| Big-Box Market Dominators

Rare & Forever is the Solution!

Rare & Forever is helping hundreds of jewelers across the country tell a new, powerful story at the diamond counter. A story based on innovation and technology – the new 2022 standard for diamond grading.  

Now’s the time to promote Rare & Forever in your local market and be one of the first to join the A.I. technology grading movement.

Let us help you differentiate your business and sell natural diamonds graded to a new standard. 

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Natural Diamonds
    Graded to a

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Find out how you can join the Rare & Forever Family of Retailers Today!

Our Rare Selection Process

Pre-Screened for No BGM

Rare & Forever diamonds are pre-screened for maximum sparkle and No BGM!


BGM Comparison | H SI2

Graded by A.I. Technology for Accuracy & Consistency


A.I. Technology Grading Comparison

Rare & Forever diamonds utilize the most advanced A.I. technology on Earth, resulting in the most accurate and consistent grading

Reviewed for Brilliance & Security Feature is Added

Rare & Forever diamonds have an extra special security feature, a table inscription – accompanied by a grading report to match

A Beautiful Diamond
Ready for You!

What Jewelers Are Saying About Us

“Rare & Forever gives us the edge we need to compete in a robust marketplace and the tools to be profitable. We can now offer our customers a far better diamond buying experience.”

Mike Archambault of Karlise Fine Jewelers, Burlington, Vermont

"Rare and Forever is the most beautiful diamond I have ever seen and sold.”

Steve at Kirk Jewelers, West Lake CA

“When you open the parcel paper… it's like WOW, it's got the WOW factor.”

Theresia at Newstar Jewelers, Joliet IL

“It's easy to sell, just show it and it sells itself.”

Larry at Sanders Jewelers, Pasadena MD

“Rare and Forever is a prettier diamond. It's that simple… It's prettier."

Jim at Holstrom Jewelers, Cresco IA

“Fantastic quality with an unprecedented trade up policy… It's just brilliant.”

Mary at Harts Jewelers, Plainwell MI

"Rare and Forever Diamonds are brighter and more brilliant.”

Rich at K and Co Jewelers, Boise ID

“Rare and Forever sell themselves, there is very little convincing to do.”

Nummi Jewelers, Superior WI

“Rare and Forever sells because of the technology story to back it up.  It is more accurate and more consistent.”

Ben at J Anthony Jewelers, Neenah WI

What Jewelers
Are Saying About Us

Our Rare
Selection Process